Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Short story-The Hare and the Tortoise

A very old and a very famous story moral story :Children's favorite :The Hare and the Tortoise

A hare was always proud of its speed.He often made fun of a tortoise who moved  very slowly.The tortoise was very humble but the hare continued to tease the tortoise.
       One day the tortoise challenged the hare .The tortoise told to the hare that they'll have a race.

The hare was surprised but accepted the challenge as it was over confident about its speed and thought that the tortoise is never going to win.
       The race began..Within few minutes the hare was far off.The hare was about to reach the winning post but it thought "let me wait for the tortoise ,as soon as the tortoise comes I will jump u and win the race."He fell asleep very soon while waiting for the tortoise.
       Suddenly,the hare heard clapping sounds.He opened his eyes and saw the tortoise crossing the winning post.The hare lost the race and the humble tortoise was the winner.

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